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Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park, Wherstead

Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park is situated in Wherstead, just on the outskirts of Ipswich. We caught up with the owner, Jimmy Doherty to find out more about his business.


Can you tell us a little bit
about your business?

Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park, as seen on TV, is home to over 80 different species & breeds! We are a working farm and wildlife park open for visitors 7 days a week. There’s loads to do for a great family day out; we have a variety of animals such as Barbary Macaques, Camels and Lowland Tapirs. We also have a nature trail, woodland walk, an adventure play area, and delicious food served in our 200-year-old barn. You can buy our home reared, free range pig, beef and lamb produce in our butchers or browse our other fantastic onsite shops.

What makes Jimmy’s Farm &
Wildlife Park unique?

We are a wildlife park, meaning our animals live in large open spaces and aren’t kept behind glass or metal wire. This gives a really different perspective when viewing the animals compared to if you went to a zoo, we do our best to make the enclosures seem natural as if the animals are in the wild. We also have many different aspects to our business, such as our shops, an award-winning wedding venue and working farm.

What’s not to be missed when
visiting the farm?

Basil, the giant anteater is just an amazing animal to look at. I could watch him for hours! With his long nose, impressive tongue, and big, bushy tail he looks like a fantasy animal from a children’s book. Basil has real character and he is one to not be missed!

Can you give us a random fact about Jimmy’s Farm?

We started as a rare breed pig company in 2004 and shared with TV viewers the struggles of running a farm, especially if you have no prior experience! Since then, we have been continuously growing and developing and a few years ago we successfully applied to have a zoo license and we now help the conservation of endangered species, such as Barbary macaques, as well as our rare breed pigs and livestock.

Where would you recommend
visitors go for lunch?

We offer delicious food at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park. A true ‘field to fork’ experience, all our meat comes from our working farm and you can really taste the difference. As well as meat dishes we also have tasty vegetarian options too. Elsewhere, I do enjoy The Salthouse Harbour Hotel.

What is your favourite thing to do in Suffolk on your day off?

There is so much that Suffolk has to offer, this beautiful county has a vast number of attractions and sights to see. On a day off I love a stroll along the River Orwell Estuary, I find it very calming and peaceful.


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